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Over 20 years of experience in sourcing parts for the restoration industry, acquired a unique set of skills and contacts that ensure we can find the most elusive of parts that you may want or need. We can not only find an elusive part for you, we can find a part that’s absolutely perfect for your needs! Rest assured that our experience in this industry has helped us tremendously in honing our skills to provide you with this, and what’s more, we find you a part that is cost-effective too.


Rest assured, there will be no shocks or surprises such as hidden handling charges or shipping fees. Save even more by buying used parts.


We can accurately identify the part that’s absolutely perfect for your needs from our inventory or from our extensive network of used parts suppliers and salvage yards. We will even provide you a 90 day warranty!


All our prices will be quoted upfront. If you are unsure of something, you can always ask for a manager or a superior to give you accurate information.

Working with us is a pleasure

Honesty, Integrity, Success. We believe that a business conducted with honesty and integrity can definitely be highly successful too! Our principles are: To set correct expectations, Listen to the customer, Promote complete transparency, Ensure reasonable prices, Facilitate clear communication, Meet commitments, Intuitive customer support, So we would definitely like to take a shot at finding that part for you and happy!

Top Notch Services

We attribute our success to an excellent warranty program, quality used parts, extensive connections to qualified used parts suppliers, recyclers, salvage yards, junkyards and above all an exceptional customer service.

Change the World

Each used part that you buy from us, is one part not manufactured. So, in addition to the money that you save, you are conserving natural resources that would have been used up to manufacture these parts anew, instead you will be putting used auto and truck parts back in service. The raw materials, energy and other resources you will save will be enormous.

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